Environmental Statement

A solar array on the roof of Majilite's Dracut, MA facility supplies 18% of the factory's energy requirements.

Majilite Corporation is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products, manufacturing processes and the daily lives of our employees. We constantly monitor and innovate to reduce our impact on the soil, air and water of our communities. Each of our employees makes decisions that impact the quality of the world that we leave to our children, and Majilite is committed to making that impact as positive as possible.

Majilite has achieved many unique environmental accomplishments. We embrace sustainable green chemistry, a philosophy of chemical research and engineering that encourages the design of products and processes aimed at minimizing the use and generation of hazardous substances. Through a consistent application of these sustainability guidelines, we can leave a safer environment to our children.

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Solar panels provide 18% of our factory’s electricity requirements - 459,000 kilowatt-hours per year, enough to power 30 homes
  • In 15 years this solar array will eliminate the following greenhouse gases:
    • 10.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide,
    • 38,360 pounds of nitrous oxide and
    • 565,478 pounds of methane
  • Elimination of 99% of emissions from the manufacturing process by the installation of a state-of-the-art emissions oxidizer and by using foam lamination rather than conventional flame lamination
  • Installation of a new water-based, non-solvent casting line
  • Waste emissions captured in pollution control system and oxidized to provide energy to operate our manufacturing processes
  • Developed the new EcoTek™ product line which uses a water based (non-solvent) processes
  • Reduction of Majilite’s carbon footprint by prioritizing purchases from local sources
  • Elimination of PVC from all Majilite products
  • Installation of low energy lighting
  • Re-engineered colorants to reduce the number of components
  • Re-engineered processes to utilize less hazardous chemicals
  • Participation in our local utility’s electrical load reduction program
  • Achieved the maximum energy rebate from utilities for implementation of conservation measures
  • Recycling of office materials and products, and use of recycled paper in catalogs and packing material
  • Pro-active regulatory compliance program
  • On-going search for new initiatives to reduce Majilite’s carbon footprint.