Majilite Smart Fabrics: Tomorrow's Technology Today

Majilite is the premier high tech polymer coater in the world. Using the widest range of technologies and machinery, we provide services ranging from complete design and manufacture all the way to basic toll polymer coating. Whichever approach is best for your application, you can have confidence that the “best-of-breed” design team and our ISO 9001 registered and MED accredited manufacturing are at your disposal.

Majilite’s Custom Manufacturing Group has designed and manufactured products ranging from commercial aircraft interior fabric, aircraft seating, military uniform smart textiles, to color changing swimsuit material, medical wound care, RF shielding and absorption material and many others.

If your end product needs this sort of design and manufacturing capability, please contact us today.

Advanced Textile Textiles for a Better World

Majilite offers transfer coating and fabric coating for the aerospace, electronics, automotive, smart textile and other industries that aid in safety, comfort and reliability.

We have designed our new facilities for sustainability into the future, incorporating solar power, emissions control and energy reclamation systems, non-solvent (water) based production, non-flame sealing processes, and power saving lighting.

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